Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've had a fantastic day today but more on that later, first more news:

The, yes you've guessed it, Bookaholics Guide to Books Blogs received ANOTHER review: this time in a rather well written review by Peter Carty ('elsewhere in the blogosphere, the pixels are more mixed') as The (daily) Independent's Tuesday Book . It's surprising that The Independent is the only paper that has a book review every day, I know even before I entered the biz that I always used to read it, being situated right next to the 'Days Like These' section.

(In a faux California accent) In entertainment news this week two adaptions of Marion Boyars books are to be playing in London. Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer has been adapted by Harold Pinter for the screen and will start Michael Caine (Who played the younger part on stage years ago) and Jude Law (who is apparently the next Michael Caine). There is a rumour of tickets to the premiere so it would seem that one of the things this company does is run in to Jude Law (see blogs passim). This is the film's page .

The other adaption (I refuse to believe that 'adaptation' is a word) is of The Investigation by Peter Weiss by a Rwandan Theatre Company at the Young Vic which looks absolutely brilliant.

I am actually running off to deliver some copies of Sleuth to Paramount as prizes. The other members of the office don't think I'll be let in the door and my protestation that I look like an actor were met with stifled laughter. We shall see.

Oh dear, I suppose that I'll have to delay the explanation of my joy for later. The nature of it is such that I should be similarly excitable tomorrow.


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