Monday, June 16, 2008

My reaction to the petrol shortage

I usually drive the short distance from home to the office daily, since the car is also used for huge publicity mailings and supermarket shopping for our family. But as soon as the tanker drivers declared their industrial action, I felt a genuine who cares attitude descend on me. So I took to my bicycle. And I walked to the Farmer's Market.

People who wonder why this literary list suddenly has two fabulous cook books on its list, need some explanation. I am a keen cook, and find it relaxes me after a week of proof reading and managing a company. This weekend I bought asparagus, gooseberries and goat's cheese (and other things) - and cooked a broad bean and feta cheese and bean salad, a gooseberry and apple pie / crumble with cinnamon topping (I made too little pastry for a top layer and decided that a crumble of brown sugar, butter and cinnamon would work - it did), a quiche with asparagus, broccoli and goat's cheese and some spare ribs marinaded for a day, and a potato salad. All ingredients were carried home by me in a very unglamorous shopper with wheels which I also used to take our books into the London Book Fair.

At the bottom of the shopper, before going to the market, were six library books. I read The Outcast by Sadie Jones, and will hopefully read another two books in the evenings this week.

So, I hope you'll see that I practise what I preach - reading and cooking. And I managed to leave the car at home this morning too, and the bike is waiting to take me home, perhaps in a rain storm, but who cares... Catheryn

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The Mock Duckling said...

I'm with you on this one, Catheryn. I have a bike that I try to ride everywhere. But it is hard when the roads are not geared up for bikes at all. I was hit by a car (just ploughed straight into me at a roundabout even though I was lit up like a Christmas tree). I have continued with the bike but I am nervous now as you realise quite how vulnerable you are in comparison to a tonload of metal.

I wish they would make towns and cities more geared up for bikes, it would be good for everyone - and fun. I'm sure safety is one of the biggest issues putting people off. (Well, apart from the fact it's hard work of course!)