Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Website!

When I said that I'd been thinking about the internet, this is what I meant. Catheryn had the idea for something white and opinionated a few weeks ago and here is the result. I shan't add much here as there are already a number of essays over there. Including one on designing the website. We plan on changing the essays at regular intervals, to keep up interest. AND we're involving everyone, even Rebecca makes an appearance.

But that's not all the news, The Streets of Babylon has been getting attention all over the place:




and I had a great exchange with Glenn at International Noir. A very fine blog.


Oh, and if anyone was interested, I was an hour late for the thing at Bethnal Green


The Mock Duckling said...

I'm interested! And feeling very guilty. Shame on us all for not answering your cry for help!!

Website looks great. Very sophisticated and elegant - and nice and wide too. (Which shows it's even more sophisticated in my view).

Catheryn, Kit and/or Rebecca said...

Well, short of offering me a helicopter (which would be GREAT) there was little anybody could do.

Glad you like the site. I forgot to mention that if anyone finds any trouble, spots errors, etc. please do let us know.


sunitha said...

If any essays are there which will be related to this blog , Let me inform you! really i want to help some body like designing