Tuesday, July 01, 2008

sporting failure, one revelation and news

I never went any further with my European Championship predictions, for which apologies to those who said that they enjoyed them, I never seemed to have enough time at the computer. It could only have gone downhill after the spectacular success of the first one anyway.

Now that the football is behind us it's worth mentioning that we have an author called Rafael Nadal. An expert on Lorca, apparently...

In other news, Rhyll McMaster had her Tuesday Top Ten put up on The Book Depository today, it being a Tuesday.


The wonderful Complete Review has done a very good review of Banquet of Lies.

It's far far too nice outside to say any more right now.



Mark Thwaite said...

You let us down Kit, sir! The footy_literature thing was genius ... you needed to carry it on.

I don't know how it will help in the tennis, though. Certainly can't see its application if the Williams sisters both get into the final!

RosyB said...

I thought the footy literature thing was genius too! (Though I could see there must have been a lot of research - especially on that last one).

I'll check out The Book Depository.


Catheryn, Kit and/or Rebecca said...

Thanks both for the comments. It was mostly lack of time but a little cowardice: there were lots of writers that I didn't want to predict losing.

I agree Mark, it wouldn't work for the tennis. Perhaps in doubles? Although in many ways the individual sports seem more appropriate to the solitary act of writing. The Olympics? I'll have a think.