Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekend Reading

Always seems to be a lot of it around, doesn't there?

but you could do a lot worse than following the Barnes and Noble Book Explorers' discussion of Feather Man, which has been going on this week. A great volume of fascinating questions and answers (the latter from Rhyll, mostly, although Catheryn also contributed with a note about the cover) has amassed in a fantastically short period of time, and has led to some great insights about the book, its author, its readers and where the combination has lead thus far and might go in the future.

Imagine the kind of exchanges we might have had if the technology had been around earlier:

'Dear Herman (The internet is a strictly informal zone),

Although I very much enjoyed your recent novel, as a whale enthusiast I was rather troubled...'


There's also the first of what should be a fascinating series of blog posts on the art of translation by Daniel Hahn over at the Booktrust website.


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