Monday, November 03, 2008

Round ups

I expect that it's true of working in most small offices that one occasionally finds themselves feeling isolated and worried that nothing they're doing is making much of a difference. I think that this is especially true on Monday mornings in small publishers, when one scours the major book reviewing publications hoping that a title with your moniker at the bottom will jump out at you. Preferably with some kind words attached.

It's nice then, at the times when nothing has appeared, to get an email like the one we received today from our American publicist, the excellent Meryl Zegarek (

Marion Boyars

Bold = New as of this report.
Feather Man by Rhyll McMaster – September 2008 (978-0-7145-3148-9)
  • September 29, 2008 – “An interesting and moving story that is reminiscent of works by Margaret Atwood and Harper Lee.”
  • Genre Go Round September 5, 2008
  • Nashville Is Talking August 15, 2008
  • Monsters and “Abuse of any kind is challenging subject to write about yet McMaster manages it with a deft touch.”
  • - “McMaster is an amazing writer. Her prose is pitch-perfect- in the whole of this book, there is not an extraneous word. This story has a very substantial feel, due primarily to McMaster's painstaking character development. From the first page, the reader is truly inside Sooky's head, and comes to know her intimately.”
  • ForeWord Magazine – “…Sooky’s unflinching eye and sense of humor imbue the book with complexity and vitality.”
  • Medieval Bookworm – “What an interesting character study…I really liked this book.”
  • Book Room Review-– “if you’re looking for a book with real substance and excellent character development, I think you’ll enjoy Feather Man.
  • IndieBound September Indie Next List
  •, and LibraryThing,
The Streets of Babylon by Carina Burman – May 2008 (978-0-7145-3138-0)
  • – Review and will post an interview with Carina Burman
  • I Love a Mystery-August/Sept. 2008- “This is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek romp through London …this is the first in a trilogy planned for translation, and I look forward the lady’s return.”
  • You Are What You Read- Sept. 9th, 2008 “…the makings of an absolutely delightful ‘who done it’…This book was seamless.”
  • The Washington Times – rave review, Sunday, August 17th “Ms. Burman offers a hilarious version of all the wrong things to do in Victorian Londonm and draws the reader into the fun with her carefully proper writing style.”
  • The Midwest Book Review- July 2008- “The Streets of Babylon is and excellent historical mystery that makes the time and place seem so alive…Carina Burman provides an exhilarating mid-nineteenth century kidnapped thriller..”
  • July/August 2008 rev.- “ There is a lot to enjoy in The Streets of Babylon, from the wonderful job Burman does of creating the physical and social atmosphere to the delight of her protagonist…I was quite pleased to discover the work of Carina Burman, with Streets of Babylon and look forward to more books with this wonderful character.”
  • Medieval - July 24, 2008 - “…A good time and pure escapism….an entertaining read.”
  • Library Journal - June review - “…first volume of an engaging new historical trilogy”
  • Genre Go Round May 20, 2008 “An excellent historical mystery that makes the time and place seem so alive.”
  • Kirkus Reviews- May 15, 2008 …packed with Victorian flavor.”
  • The Mystery Gazette- May 2008
  • Reviewing the Evidence “The descriptions of the streets and alleys of the city are so breathtaking, one seems to be there. London of 1851 lives again.”
  • Blogcritics – April 29, 2008 “The story takes us on a captivating trip back in time with interesting – and at times quirky – individuals, who quickly come to feel like friends.”
  • International Noir 9, 2008

Which makes one feel rather better about life.

Even nicer is when one of our books is on the long list for World Book Day's Spread the Word
prize. Please, please do vote because if Feather Man isn't a book to talk about I don't know what is.


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