Thursday, January 08, 2009

The New Year is thoroughly upon us now. A couple of nights ago I did something which embarrassed me hugely at the time. I felt guilty for not going to a Christmas Eve party next door, as we had family arriving that evening from Switzerland, and as I approached my street, I thought I saw the host in his car returning from work. I wound down my car window and greeted him a Happy New Year - saying I had not seen him yet, very brightly. Then I realised it was the man who lived opposite in the side road, not in my street - and we've never met. Aargh - would he think I was a mad woman - no - he was delighted, and wished me a very good year too! The only memory I have of this man is that when he first moved in a few years ago, he took a cab home most nights. One day, said cab reversed too smartly, and went through the garden gates of the house next door. I rushed over and said, there's a black cab in your garden. There was, dear reader, there was. And a very shocked cabbie, who was fortunately not injured.

May you all get to know your neighbours by whatever means, and have a good New Year.


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RosyB said...

It's awful how easy it is NOT to get to know your neighbours isn't it? And then a certain time goes past and it is too embarrassing to ask their first names or whatever and the gulf widens and widens and you start to avoid them so that they don't realise that you DON'T know their name and...argh argh argh. Nightmare. You are right. We should all try to rectify this. I think kids and pets probably help. They march up to people and introduce themselves and you are then forced into doing the same.