Monday, February 02, 2009

The upside of not getting to the office

We are in the middle of what the BBC4 news just called a 'weather event'.

Last night as I drove Arthur Boyars, 83, home, I found the Fulham Road already full of parked buses - not just a few - around 15! That's one blocked artery. I found a passage through to his house and back, and arrived home around 11.30pm declaring it rather unsettling to realise that even the Germans cannot make brakes that work on tyres covered in snow. It wasn't snowing when I set off.

Today, I am listening to Dave Cohen taking about time management. Dave - would you like to write a book? Dave was president of the Union at Brisl Uni where I was and let me take over the whole union building for the first 'small is beautiful' Schumacher lectures.

And as for work - well, I have found an excellent set of instructions for making e-books from InDesign documents which I am pretty sure I can do.

Dave - hope you obsessively google your own name. Patrick sends his love also.

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