Friday, July 27, 2007

Fridays are always exciting - Independent books review section and The Bookseller all in the same morning! And today is one of those rare times when that excitement is justified and not just because I get to read them whilst listening to good music (the radio has just played Jefferson Airplane, the Breeders and Prodigy all in a row. Kit's alone in the office. ) –

There is a marvelous profile of Elif Shafak in the Independent by Boyd Tonkin.


in The Bookseller there is not only an article all about our book blog book but also a Great Big Marion Boyars advert, an indulgence which we very rarely allow ourselves. I'm absolutely fascinated to see how much effect or otherwise it has. Presumably the nice man who sold us the space and then had to put up with many frantic last minute emails is as well.

and back to the new catalogue . . .

P.S. I've just seen that there's a third mention of MB in The Bookseller. The headline reads 'Marion Boyars gets erotic with Chinese concubine'.
Which conjures up a far more exciting image of the office than the reality, which is just me in an old T-shirt playing with Indesign.


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