Monday, July 23, 2007

Last week ended with a decent little review in the Independent for More Than Eyes Can See . And on Saturday there was a brief mention of Enlightenment by Maureen Freely in The Times during an article celebrating the fact that spies are still everywhere.

Friday was also a day of meeting reps - we're represented by Turnaround who have a fine list of publishers on their books. Thus one turns up at their office and is led into a room with an oval shaped table around which reps from all across the country sit. I'm not sure whether it was deliberate or not, they had arranged themselves around the table in such a way as to mirror the geographical locations that they represent - thus Scotland, or 'Bob' as he'd most likely prefer to be known, was furthest away with the North and Midlands on either side, East Anglia to their right and the two London reps closest. Perhaps they do this so that once we've gone they can get out a big map of Britain and make battle plans. One can but dream. Once settled and introduced you then have thirty minutes to explain why you think they should give extra special attention to your list, just another example of how difficult it is to describe good books in a succinct but adequate manner. One can but hope that we got our message across, I suppose that the proof will be in the bookshops across the country in a month or so. The lack of control is infuriating.

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