Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A new look for the website!

Which is why the blog has been quiet yet again. At the moment it's still fairly simple because I'm learning and it ain't a small task - your html is not an intuitive beast and our website is not small. There's much more info than many of the big publisher's websites, and a far more interesting backlist tho'onedeossayitthemself. AND a funny little man:

Who has become my friend through the process of {[double click/special/template/apply new template/save and upload] x1000 not to mention the little adjustments that each page seems to demand, the oftentimes when it doesn't work and the one time when everything disappeared} redoing the whole thing.

As for evidence of my gluttony for punishment my previous self elected job was changing all the ISBN numbers from ten to thirteen in our catalogue - when is someone going to blame 'the decline of publishing' about which we hear so much on this patently unlucky industry standard?

There are many more goings on: the travails of two books approaching their pub dates in a country without mail, online discussion of the Book Blogs book and more but that's it for this evening.


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