Friday, October 12, 2007

So review copies of the Bookaholics' Guide were sent out a couple of weeks ago and there's been plenty of blogosphere response. I thought I'd round up some of it - hopefully there'll be a few printed press reviews at the end of the month too.

Dovegreyreader was unsurprisingly one the first off the mark, joined by Baroque in Hackney , and the inimitable (I think that I've called him that before and I'm not at all sure that it's appropriate, I'll ask someone intelligent . . . [later] Well Mr Shorter says that it means 'incapable of being imitated' or 'surpassing or defying imitation', not to be confused with 'inimical' which means 'hostile' and was invented in 1513. So, yes inimitable stays) Mark Thwaite , and the good people at 3AM Magazine , all of whom seem pleased that they were mentioned.

Then there were industry figures Richard Charkin and Girl Friday who both took issue with the use of the apostrophe, thus raising the indignance levels in the office from 'low' to 'quite'.

Next there was an article by A Stevens on the Guardian website and a pretty mixed one by Fiction Bitch both of which had some great commentary (this last seems better written than 'comments').

And that's it so far I think. But the official pub date has not yet been reached.

Yesterday, I said that I'd put up some links to literary events going on. But then I remembered that it's the Frankfurt Book Fair and that this would be better done when it's over. Odd that I forgot really, given it's why I've had no-one to talk to all day . . .


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