Monday, March 10, 2008


I've wanted to blog about our desks for ages - finding the time is difficult. They came from Walker Books circa 1985. Walker Books was growing wealthy, and it was time to chuck out the Islington junk shop desks which Sebastian had found, and replace them with red metal legged Magpie designer tables, and a colour themed environment suitable for creating children's books in. As they were about to hit the skip, I said that Marion Boyars Publishers had just moved from Soho to Putney, and had nothing. My then boyfriend who worked for Olivetti, selling 'kit' (computer kit, not the Kit who valiantly works here now) borrowed a lorry from Olivetti and the desks all made the journey across town. They are still serving us well, with leather inlay table tops, interesting drawers (some of which are nothing but wood frames with no base).

We wouldn't change them for the world. And. in case you wanted to know, in the middle of the day our desks are always untidy. We're too busy to keep them pristine, but as they are huge, we can sprawl with ease.

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RosyB said...

Oh I love that picture - that slight creative mess that means you know something good must be going on.

I have one with leather pieces indented in too, but it's too hulking to be moved out of my parents so I think my mum has grabbed it. It feels very luxurious to write at somehow.

My present nasty desk (a piece of MDF on a filing cabinet) doesn't look so artfully messy, unfortunately. Just messy with lots of cold cups of tea...