Friday, March 14, 2008

A while back, Peter Stothard of the TLS wrote on his blog that we had the apostrophe in the wrong place for our Bookaholics' Guide to Book Blogs.

Although I replied on his blog that I thought we were right, I have had considerable self doubt on this matter of apostrophe's ever since. However, we just had our reminder to update our entry for a well known guide book to the publishing industry - and it is called (have you guessed?)

Writers' and Artists' Yearbook

So now I am pretty sure I was right.




Anonymous said...

You were completely right. It's collective possession, you see. No need to have worried in the first place.

Lee Rourke.

pundy said...

I'm sure you're right but I'm less sure about the apostrophe in your phrase "this matter of apostrophe's".

Feels like it should just be apostrophe plural.