Friday, June 12, 2009

We had a book launch. Or was it a party? It felt like a party on the night, and it definitely felt like one the day after. Most noteworthy was the arrival of two genuine hippies. They came in, asked for a book to read, and then sat crossed legged at the foot of the stage, wearing hats, longish hair, beads and ethnic clothing. They were in their seventies, I would hazard a guess, and one of them was John Hoppy Hopkins. He founded International Times, and was a photographer of all poets, writers and literary figures. If you Google him, and find his web site, you will see photographs of many well known figures, including one I happen to be reading at the moment, the lovely Dannie Abse. I am reading his memoir about growing up in Cardiff, Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve. These days there is no ash on anyone's sleeve at a Betsey Trottwood book launch unless they are out on the street, sitting on the benches.

Tim Burrows gave a great speech, and Mike from The Roundhouse not only helped me sell books, but then TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT with the Roundhouse rubric and logo and gave it to Hoppy Hopkins. What more can I say except, buy FROM CBGB TO THE ROUNDHOUSE * and enjoy the nostalgia of past music events yourself - we have lots of brilliant photos in the book taken by Hayley Hatton.
* if you buy the book from The Book Depository, we'll get a small commission. If you buy it from this web site, we'll be happy too! In fact, we really don't mind where you buy it from, so long as you do.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

We got to the accountants

We tried a few accountancy magazines, but they are a shy bunch. Then we cracked it.
Latest selling email to hit my Inbox...but my mother would have been amazed. I mean, she spun as good as the rest of them (yes, for the first time in my life I am going to vote Green because I seriously do not believe any of the main parties - I've heard it all so many times before), but I did not ask Plimsoll to write this about Marion Boyars Publishers. Which means they have looked at our results at Companies House for themselves. But it's not worth 300 quid - and I recall Plimsoll going bust a few years ago and causing mega angst for many a small publisher. See, memory has its uses for humans as well as elephants..


RE: Your company is rated as STRONG in the latest Plimsoll report

Your company is one of only 244 in the UK Book Publishing industry getting it right. A new study has just been completed that analyses emerging threats and opportunities in this evolving market and will help you to remain one step ahead of the rest.

The Plimsoll Analysis – Book Publishing will tell you everything you need to know to benefit from an uncertain market. Each of the top 500 companies that operate in your specialist market has been individually assessed to provide a clear overview of their latest performance. Here are some of the key findings:

n Your company has been rated as “STRONG” reflecting your outstanding recent performance

n 110 of your fellow competitors are in financial danger and will struggle to survive

n There are 62 companies of comparable size to you that would be excellent acquisitions

n Competitive pressure is now so intense, a third of companies are making a loss

This brand new edition of the report not only analyses each company in detail over 2 pages, but each company is valued too. Each company in the report is rated on their attractiveness as an acquisition showing at a glance the best prospects in the market as well as those rated danger.

Your own company is fully analysed in the report, allowing you to compare your performance to the rest of the market.

This brand new report is priced £350+VAT for a PDF version. As you are new to Plimsoll’s reports and services, I am offering a £50 introductory discount off your first report, reducing the cost to just £300+VAT. The report will be emailed to you today.