Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope the hangovers are lifting now as the sun sets in London - we had a fine New Year with fellow publishing folk at the pub of the year 2009 in Putney, the Bricklayer's Arms. Only draw back was the young ladies who could not hold their drink so les toilettes were not the best - last time we were there, a group of stags were wearing cloth hats which was far a more civilised crowd to have sharing your space in a pub. Stags of the pre marital variety rather than the Richmond Park variety, I hasten to say, although it would have been fun to see animals propping up the bar. One of the best books I did not publish was about a man who fell in love with an elk when his marriage fell apart - yes, a novel from Scandinavia...but I digress. Now someone will tell me it would have been a best seller.

So, what a year in publishing it's been. Amazon and The Book Depository race ahead and poor old Borders and Books Etc is no more. Farewell, lovely buyers at Borders, and I hope the New Year brings new opportunities.

For myself, it'll be a mix of running Marion Boyars while the Penguin rights transfer continues, some literary agenting for a very exciting project - more soon when a You Tube clip is ready, and publishing consultancy. And I hope to bring you cheer as you contemplate what the 20 ten - no, let's stick to two thousand ands or else we'll have 20 eleven, 20 twelve ad ininitatum - what 2010 will bring.